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Genealogy Podcasts

A podcast is a downloadable audio file that can be played on your computer, or burned to a compact disk, MP3 player, or iPod. Genealogy-related podcasts are becoming increasingly popular among Internet genealogists. They cover a wide variety of genealogy topics that can be played back at the listener’s convenience.

Genealogy Gems

Genealogy Gems is a regularly updated podcast by natioal genealogical speaker, Lisa Louise Cooke. Each podcast is approximately 25 minutes long and covers topics, such as genealogy how-tos, recourses, Google searches, and more. Genealogy Gems has hosted top genealogy experts, including Don Anderson, Director of the Family History Library, Bruce Buzzbee from RootsMagic, Genealogist, Dick Eastman, and Jane Lindsey, President of the California Genealogical Society.

The Genealogy Guys Podcast

The Genealogy Guys Podcast is the “oldest regularly produced genealogy podcast in the world”, and is owned and maintained by George G. Morgan and Drew Smith. New podcasts are added on a monthly basis (and sometimes more often). Topics have included latest genealogy news, genealogy resources, interviews with top genealogical experts, software programs, book reviews, and more.


DearMyrtle is a popular genealogy blogger and podcaster. Some past podcasts have included topics like genealogy during the holidays, slavery, cemeteries, FamilySearch information, and genealogy cruises. It doesn’t appear that DearMyrtle creates new podcasts, but she does have a nice archive of past podcasts available for download.

Anna-Karins Genealogical Podcast

Anna-Karins Genealogical Podcast is a podcast about Swedish and Swedish American genealogy. New podcasts are not regularly created; however, the dozen or so podcasts that are available may be useful to Sweidh genealogists. Some topics that have been covered include the Swedish Emigrant Institute, interviews from the Southern California Genealogical Jamboree, and the Swedish Federation of Genealogical Societies.

Under the Tree

Under the Tree is a podcast about African American genealogy and history. There are not many podcasts available on the site, but there are plans by the podcast owner to continue to maintain the site on a more regular basis. Topics include personal accounts with African genealogy, African American genealogy news, African American history in each state, and more.

Irish Roots Café

Irish Roots Café has three Irish shows, each broken down into individual podcasts. Topics include Irish heritage information, such as songs, holidays, events, and festivals. There is also information about researching Irish families, including topics such as Irish DNA, information on individual families, schools, and more. Podcast archives are also available for a small fee.