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Social Networking for Genealogists

We have all heard about social networking sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, but not all of us have discovered the various social networking sites devoted to helping genealogists. Genealogy social networking is becoming increasingly popular, not only for helping genealogists connect with one another, but also for helping families stay connected. Below are some of the more largely-used and well-known genealogical social networking sites.

  1. Genealogy Wise was introduced to the Internet during the summer of 2009. As of May 2010, the site has over 19,000 members, and continues to grow. This site is set up a lot like Facebook, but is only for discussions and information related to genealogy. It is easy to search for members who are in your geographical location, researching the same ancestral lineage, or share other common genealogical interests.
  2. FamilyLink offers an online venue for family members looking to connect with one another. While it can be used without access to a Facebook account, it has become a popular Facebook application. Once you begin adding family members, the FamilyLink will recommend other people who may be related to you. Other features of the site include an ancestor search and place to add your family tree.
  3. Story of My Life offers users a place to preserve family stories & photos. The site is owned by a non-profit foundation whose goal it is to preserve memories to share with future generations. While users can use this site for free, a fee is assessed to users wishing to permanently store their information.
  4. AncestralSpace is similar to Genealogy Wise in that it is devoted to connected genealogists with each other. Users can create blogs, share photos, and participate in various genealogy-related groups.
  5. GeneTree provides genealogists with a social networking sites based on DNA, or genetic genealogy. The site provides DNA tests (for a fee) and will notify users when new DNA connections are made. Members are also able to share their family tree, photos, stories, and more.
  6. Collaborative family tree sites, such as Geni, MyFamily, Famiva, and MyHeritage, also have a spot in genealogy social networking. These sites allow users to create a family tree that is share with other members. Members may be able to upload photos, share stories, create photo books, and more, depending on the particular site. Some of these sites are free, while others charge a subscription fee.